Alas, a way to integrate Dreamweaver with GitHub! You no longer have to save multiple drafts of your code, simply track your changes with GitHub and revert back to an older version if needed. This integration is seamless and very easy to use. Here are a few easy steps to setting it up…

Install Git Client and create a Github account. Then go to “Site” from the top menu bar. Then check the box “Associate a Git Repository with this site”. If you are starting a new code project that does not exist anywhere else choose “Initialize as a Git Repository.” If you already have a copy on Github and want to continue developing it using Dreamweaver choose Clone existing Git Repository using URL:” Type in the URL. You will need to put in your Github username and password. Under the “Files” tab in the side panel (usually next to Snippets) click on the diamond shaped icon labeled “Show Git View”.  Then scroll down to the footer panel underneath your code. You will see a box labeled Git. Click the button “Create Remote”. Enter your username and password. Then check the box next to the word “Status”. Now your changes are staged and you can commit them. To make a commit click on the symbol of the circle with a line through it labeled “Commit staged files”. You can add a commit message at the bottom if you would like and then click “ok”. Then push your commits to GitHub by clicking on “push” icon with the arrow pointing upward. Congrats, your changes have been pushed to your GIT repository!

Every time you make a change in your code file a new list of your changes will form below in the Git box and the line where the change was made will be highlighted on the left.

You can create new branches and merge branches in Dreamweaver as well! Click on the diamond shaped icon on the left panel and choose “manage branches” To add a new branch click the plus symbol in the lower left corner. When you are ready to merge it back into your master click the branch icon in the lower left.