There are many tools to support students with reading and writing on the internet. However, there are not many that are worth the time to navigate and learn. The following is a list of worthwhile sites:


Newsela is an invaluable resource for all English Language Arts students and teachers. Newsela provides news articles which are student friendly. This site offers articles for a variety of reading levels as well as adjusted versions of the same article for less advanced students. It is well organized and extremely easy to navigate.


NoRedInk is an adaptive learning resource geared towards helping students to become stronger writers. It uses a series of questions about topics that are interesting to each individual student. It then adjusts the complexity of the questions based on the student’s number of correct or incorrect answers. NoRedInk offers authentic assessments, blended learning, differentiated instruction, and personalized content. Best of all, it is a FREE service!


Quill is another interactive site with a host of interactive grammar activities for all grade levels. Students are asked to combine sentences, proofread passages, and identify types of speech. Similar to NoRedInk, Quill scaffolds learning by giving each student a diagnostic assessment before they begin. Quill is FREE!


CommonLit is fantastic for creating mini-lessons. This site offers informational articles and short texts on a range of topics from the Holocaust to Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Each article has the option for “guided reading mode” which simultaneously requires to answer comprehension questions as they read. Additionally, there is a short quiz at the end of each article, as well as discussion questions. It also offers paired text suggestions, related media, a teacher guide and a parent guide. Great site!


Good Reads is a fantastic site for book reviews and for viewing recommended book lists. You can also share book lists with your friends and browse popular books. Indubitably a valuable site for young adult readers.


Grammarly is a free writing assistant software program. Grammarly is great for ELL students and/or developing writers who may need the extra grammatical assistance. Grammarly does more than your average word processor such as MS Word or Google Docs. It makes recommendations on sentence structure and provides detailed descriptions for mistakes. Grammarly can be integrated with social media apps, any web browser and your current word processing software.


The UNC Writing Center has some great resources for English students. Teachers can refer to the Tips and Tools page for a plethora of guidance on writing styles and components.


I love the Kindle app. In my opinion, every student should have the kindle app downloaded on their computer. Every student should be building a digital library of books. And, every student should be reading for at least 20 minutes every night. Kindle is a great resource for storing and organizing books. It is also great for note-taking and creating flashcards.


I personally use the Apple Podcasts app, but there are many free podcast apps out there. Podcasts are great way to bring oral commentary into the classroom. Sometimes student learn better by listening. Teachers can find a short Podcast or a clip from a Podcast that is relevant to the topic they are teaching.

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