A resource guide for the use of free technology in Middle School and High School ELA classes.


The following video provides an overview and roadmap of the resources covered on this website.  

Macbeth: A WebQuest

This WebQuest explores William Shakespeare’s Macbeth through contemporary forms of music, art and drama. It uses the Flipped Classroom model which requires students to complete several tasks from home so that they are prepared to work in groups during the normal class period. 

Paradox: A WebQuest

This WebQuest explores the literary term “paradox.” Through a series of online tasks students work in groups to complete questions, develop examples, solve challenges and create a presentation. The presentation requires the use of digital tools, many of which can be found on this site. 

Brave New World: A WebQuest

In this WebQuest students explore creating their own utopia based on Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World. Students will complete a series of tasks which ask them to reflect on the text, research news articles in our contemporary society and create a presentation of findings.   



As online citizens all students should know how to properly cite sources and quote other people’s work. Purdue Owl is a great tool for learning the requirements of many different documentation formats such as MLA, APA and Chicago Style. Teachers should refer students to this site for examples.


Turnitin is a plagiarism detection tool for teachers. Whereas it would otherwise be impossible to sift through the internet to see if students were copying work, this software program does the work for you. Teachers will often have students submit their papers directly to

Learn More About the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

ISTE is an invaluable resource on the standards of technology usage in education today.