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Project Sugar Free


In collaboration with Katie Metcalfe, I created the branding for Project Sugar Free's KickStart program. Project Sugar Free raises awareness about the detrimental health effects of sugar consumption. A sample of the KickStart Program Guide can be found below. Sign up for the 7-Day KickStart program HERE or fully test yourself by taking the 28-Day [...]



This site was created using WordPress. It is a sample informational site on the topic of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This site is meant to be a resource guide on ADHD for parents, teachers and students at their particular school. ADHD is the most common learning disability in the US today. [...]

Industrial Controls & Electrical


I created this WordPress site for an UL Control Panel construction company. ICE's original site was non-responsive and aesthetically outdated. The goal of this redesign was to better serve customers and to offer a mobile accessible site. Additionally, I conducted a complete rebranding of the company, designing a new logo, brochure and other print [...]

San Diego Beach and Bay Half Marathon


The San Diego Beach And Bay Half Marathon website is a WordPress site created in collaboration with a group of graphic and web designers. I have contributed in part to every aspect of the site including page layout, creation, design, photograph manipulation and functionality. I have also provided CSS customizations / custom code. [...]